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Carers Assessments

As a family or friend carer you are entitled to a Carer's Assessment, whether or not the person you care for has had an assessment of their own needs through social services.

It's not in any way about judging how well you do your caring, it's about how that caring is affecting your life and what can be done to help you. 

What is a carer's assessment?

A Carer's Assessment is for adult carers over 18 years old, who are looking after another adult who is physically or mentally ill, disabled, frail or has alcohol or substance mis-use issues.  It is used to assess the impact their caring role has on their life and what support could be put in place to help.  In Telford & Wrekin, Carer's Assessments may be carried out through Family Connect and by social workers.

A Carer's Assessment gives you the opportunity to explain what you do as a carer and reflect on what help would benefit you both physically and emotionally - to improve your well-being and quality of life.  The assessment is free and does not take into account your financial means or your level of need for support.  If you request, or we mutually feel you require, a formal Carers Assessment we will refer you to Family Connect in the first instance, who will then guide you through the process.

What will the assessment cover?

The areas covered by a carers assessment are:

  • your caring role and how it affects your life

  • your own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

  • how you feel about being a carer

  • achieving your goals - work, learning, leisure

  • social activities

  • relationships

  • the future

Your assessment may identify that the person you care for also requires more assistance, which would trigger a Care Act assessment for them.

See much more information about Carers Assessments in Telford and Wrekin through this link:

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