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Young Carers


If you're registered as a young carer you can attend our Youth Club
- come along, make friends and have some fun!
Our new Family Zone at Hazledine House, right in the Town Centre, is easily accessible and spacious 

We do all sorts of interesting and fun things -
games, music making/cooking/pottery/craft projects 
and lots more!

The time, the place . . .

Youth Club happens every Wednesday evening

during Term Time between 5 and 7pm


There are two age related clubs held on alternate weeks:

Young Carers at Primary School 

Young Carers at Secondary School 

12 and 15 Hazledine House

Central Square, Telford Town Centre



We provide a filling snack for every young carer (eg hotdogs,/sandwiches/pizza/cake/puddings etc).  If your child has allergies or food intolerances, you may wish to provide a 'picnic' snack from home.

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