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Tell us what you think

We encourage all our carers to have a voice locally in how services are run and to give us, and Telford & Wrekin Council, ideas about what you would like us to provide. We work closely with our Carers Partnership Board who have local carers sitting alongside providers and commissioners making key decisions about the service

It's important for us to talk to you about the support you have received from the Carers Centre.


Whether it's a simple feedback form from a wellbeing group session or fun event, or a chat over the phone about the difference having support and a Carers Assessment has made to you, we need to record your thoughts and feelings in many areas during your time with us.

Keeping your confidential record updated means we can tailor the support we give you and we will also use your feedback (annonymously of course) to illustrate how successful the service has been for those who fund us and to get ideas about improving our provision for all carers in Telford. 

You might like to have your say in different ways:

  • Complete one of our feedback forms that are distributed while at activities or events

  • Complete one of our 'Survey Monkey' email surveys that are sent out regularly about various areas of the Carers Centre (see link below)

  • Write us a letter!

  • The Carers Forum is open to all carers and meets twice a year giving an opportunity to discuss issues, give feedback. It enables you to meet other carers as well as those decision makers in statutory agencies who set policy for the services you need.

  • Get involved through the Telford and Wrekin Community Panel

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Have you a carers story to tell? Passing on your experiences and the issues you face while caring helps us to continuously shape and improve the service we provide.

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