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Protecting your privacy

The All Age Carers Centre through Telford and Wrekin Council for Voluntary Service (TWCVS) does not share your personal information collected (where requested or freely given) with third parties in part or whole (except where consented in facilities as stated below).

Such information is stored on either a password protected computer, read-only files or on the TWCVS website's secure server.

Any secondary email services are hosted on the websites secure server and governed by our own policies.

Email addresses are hidden in any group emails sent out by TWCVS in the website moderators.  However, they may be visible in any Forums we provide unless you opt to hide your personal information when using such facilities.

We do not send unsolicited emails as a matter of practice.  However, certain emails of such or similar nature may be sent in isolated/appropriate circumstances for the purposes of making general enquiries on our own behalf of that of a third party.

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