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Peace of mind if you can't be there

When you look after someone who depends on you, you may worry about what would happen if you had an accident or were suddenly taken ill.

The Telford and Wrekin Carers Emergency Service is there just in case you need someone to take on the responsibility of looking after the person you care for, just for a little while.

Telford and Wrekin Council provide free immediate assistance when you are unable to help someone who is reliant on your support providing peace of mind should you, as a carer, fall ill or be injured in an accident.

The service offers free replacement home-based support for up to 72 hours, in an emergency or crisis situation.

Contact the Carers Emergency Service:

01952 385385, please select option 3 and ask for the Emergency Response Service

For more information see the

Telford and Wrekin website:

The Telford Carers Centre are also able to provide you with a Carers ID Card to identify you as a Carer in case you suddenly fall ill or have an accident while away from home and may find it difficult to communicate this to any helpers or emergency services. It provides them with details about the person you care for and any important contact numbers or addresses that may be important.

Call the Carers Centre if you would like us to post you a card.

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