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Carers Centre team 

at the Hospital

With a regular presence at the Princess Royal Hospital (outside of Covid-19), our Hospital Discharge team are on hand to help with problems surrounding in- or out- patient hospital issues for carers.


Alongside the personal worry that always surrounds going into hospital, understanding the why, when and how of what's happening on a practical level can be a daunting experience

Our team are here to help you. They understand how hospital procedures work, and can  reassure and help with all sorts of issues you may be concerned about.

We are not currently attending the Princess Royal Hospital - please call us for any support you may need surrounding a hospital matter.

The Hospital Discharge workers aim to offer help, information and advice to carers while the person they care for is in hospital.

If the person you are looking after is going into hospital, is already in hospital or is attending an outpatients appointment, we can be reached at the Princess Royal at particular times during the working week (please telephone 01952 240209 to find when they will next be on site) or they may be in the office to talk to on the same number at other times. Please note we are not attending the hospital during Covid-19.


These are some of the points you may find useful to think about before having a chat with the team:

  • Have the hospital recognised you as a carer?

  • Have you been told what you need to know about their health problem/s and medication?

  • Do you know how to look after them when they leave hospital?

  • Do you know who to contact if you need more help?

  • Have you been involved in any discussions about their care whilst they are in hospital and about what will happen when they leave hospital?

  • Have you been given a choice in whether or not you are able to provide support and care when they leave hospital?

  • Have you had a Carers Assessment of your needs as a carer?

  • Are you registered with the Emergency Response Service? 


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